WeCanMake Chatshow

Season One: Knowle Westers sorting out their housing

Local residents from across the neighbourhood came together to chat about how they could sort out their housing. Over four episodes, Knowle Westers explore how communities can get beyond the housing crisis. They share personal stories, uncover inspiring housing ideas from around the world, and think about what would work best for Knowle West.

Artists were invited to sit in on the recordings, and created poetic and visual responses to the discussions, captured in a unique collection of postcards that are available to purchase in shops and online

Season Two: Follow the Build

Local residents were trained as roving reporters to follow and capture the inside story behind the build of WeCanMake’s first two homes. The episodes focus on John and his personal journey from living in temporary accommodation, to helping to design and make his new home, to the moment when he finally gets to move in.

The WeCanMake Chat Show is brought to you by No Bindings, an artist collective that makes work with communities using audio and print.