A space to house the open model and tools developed by WeCanMake.

Our Playbook

Our Playbook shares our community’s creative response to the crisis. It is an open exploration of the legal, financial and regulatory complexity of how we currently do housing. It is about how those systems can be positively re-wired, and how our community, working from the ground up, sparked a glimmer of what a better future could look like.

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WeCanMake documentary short film

WeCanMake documentary short film – meet housing pioneering residents John, Toni and Bill, and hear about how the WeCanMake model works on the ground.

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How the WeCanMake model works

Unlocking a new way to make homes – how the WeCanMake model works.

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Listen to the first two series of our resident-made podcast.

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Design Code

Find out how we empower the community to set the rules for what gets built through a community design code.

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Policy and practice

Scaling WeCanMake through changes in policy and practice

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