WeCanMake is a neighbourhood test-space in Bristol

Imagining and making new ways to create homes that build social infrastructure and community wealth.

Homegrown Homes for People + Planet:
A mass local approach to building with timber in every neighbourhood

What if we designed, sourced and built our homes with homegrown materials and resources? And what if communities could hold onto the value of new development in the form of jobs, skills and infrastructure?

Find out more in our ‘Homegrown Homes’ report, supported by the Forestry Commission’s Timber in Construction Innovation programme. Launching 27 March.



WeCanMake has a people and place-led approach to housing innovation, embedded in and working with the community of a 100-year old council-built estate in Knowle West, Bristol. Our mission is to grow the spaces, tools and capacities to collectively imagine and actively anticipate better community-led ways to do housing. This means more than just generating speculative futures, but making practical glimmers through prototyping and testing out ideas for real so that people can tangibly see and feel how new possibilities might work on the ground.

So we asked ourselves: what if the power and resources to create good homes were in the hands of communities?