Could the wecanmake approach work for your family?

WeCanMake is a community land trust creating affordable homes using micro-sites in big back gardens and between buildings. We are part of Knowle West Media Centre, helping people in Knowle West, south Bristol, including:

  • Families who are over-crowded with adult children who need a place of their own;
  • Elders who want to downsize but stay in their community close to family and friends;
  • People who are struggling with managing the size of their garden.

So far, WeCanMake has completed two homes for local people in Knowle West. We are now inviting more families who think the WeCanMake approach could work for them to get in touch to see if we can help. If you’d like to find out more, you can contact us via the ‘Connect with us‘ button in the top right or fill in this form to tell us about your housing situation!

WeCanMake is an opt-in process, driven by the families in housing need.

  • The design of the homes is guided by a Community Design Code, ensuring they are high quality and add character to the neighbourhood;
  • They are low-carbon, low-cost to run, and good for the planet;
  • Rent is genuinely affordable for local people, set at no more than one-third of the neighbourhood’s average annual household income;
  • Homes are made locally, helping create community wealth including local jobs and skills;
  • The homes and land are held in a community land trust to ensure long-term benefit for the community.