Retrofit Reimagined Festival – join us!

You are warmly welcomed to a day of hands-on activities exploring how we might nurture and share new ideas for a community-led climate transition

what if we put the power and tools to create a fairer, greener future into community hands?

Knowle West, and the many other neighbourhoods like it, already has the resources and knowhow to tackle the climate crisis. Retrofit Reimagined Festival is a celebration of community energy, and an invitation to come together to imagine how our neighbourhoods might be “retrofitted” and adapted to meet the growing challenges we face. Our neighbourhood is a living demonstration showing how change can happen from the bottom up.

You are warmly welcomed to a day of inspiring talks, demos, and hands-on activities and an evening feast in Knowle West, exploring how we can make a neighbourhood fit for people and planet, hosted by WeCanMake and Knowle West Media Centre. Whether you’re local to the neighbourhood, or would like to experience the warmth, sharing and generosity of Knowle West for the first time, come along to connect and learn with others.

From hands-on workshops exploring how to use clay from the local allotment to create community infrastructure, terrarium-making, material demonstrations, talks, walks, film screening and more, there will be something for everyone at Retrofit Reimagined.

Join us, and spend the day exploring what “retrofit” means in ways that we can see, feel and act upon, in an open and joyful environment. Join us at The Factory from 10am, and KWMC from 3pm onwards – the day will end with a delicious community feast, so don’t miss out!

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retrofit reimagined

This day in Knowle West is part of Retrofit Reimagined 2023 – a festival working to redefine our relationship with the built environment, and its foundational systems of land, materials and people. Following the success of the Retrofit Reimagined Festival in 2022 hosted in Birmingham by Civic Square, along with Dark Matter Labs, ACAN and the Zero Carbon House, this year’s festival will activate various sites across the UK – from Knowle West to Glasgow – with practical, immersive learning and big-picture conversations

We are one of five events that make up the Festival. We encourage you to go along to other events, and find out what other communities across the country are doing to retrofit their homes, streets and neighbourhoods. We know that everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to share. To find out more about the wider festival and how to get involved, please visit this link or get in touch with us via our contact page.