About Us

We Can Make is a new housing initiative that supports communities to create the homes they want and need

A Living Lab for housing innovation

Over the last year, We Can Make has created a test space to explore new – citizen-led – approaches to creating more affordable homes at point of need.

Much more than designing homes as products, We Can Make has focused on re-imagining the wider enabling legal, financial, and policy framework so that citizens, using their own assets and know-how, can become the developer themselves.

Working with the residents and community of Knowle West in South Bristol as a ‘living lab’, We Can Make has brought together local people, artists, architects, policy-makers, academics and industry professionals to collaborate between and far beyond traditional professional silos.


We Can Make is a partnership between Knowle West Media Centre, a digital arts and social innovation centre in Bristol, and White Design, an award winning architects practice.

We Can Make has now secured funding from Power to Change and the Nationwide Foundation to develop the approach for Knowle West as a pilot neighbourhood through 2018/19.

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